PC150 Excavator loading Quad axle dump truck

Jeff Foust Excavating Inc.

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Excavating Services
Snow Removal
Landscape & Aggregate Materials


General Excavating and Grading

Residential    Commercial    Agricultural    Industrial

Foundation Excavation

  • Basements, crawl spaces, new construction and additions
  • New construction and additions
  • Backfill and rough grade

 Site clearing, fence line clearing, tree and brush cutting stump removal grubbing

 Trenching excavating for installation and repair of sewer, water laterals and mains, well line repairs and installations.  Storm sewer and catch basin installation and repair.

 Ponds - farm and recreation, sand beach installation, wildlife scrapes

 Ditches - new and cleaning grass waterways


  • Driveways
  • Gravel Parking Lots installation and repair
  • Dozer and grader work

Erosion control

  • Silt fence
  • Tracking pads
  • Bale dams


Water pumping


ecr88 trackhoe